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Portale Health & Safety

Portale Restaurant is  following the recommended “Maintenance Upon Request” Service Style, minimizing our staff presence at your table. We will largely rely on non-verbal communication to remain socially distant in order to limit contact. Some services may be upon request only. 


Dining tables and counters will be fully cleaned and disinfected at the start of every service, prior to seating new guests, and after every reservation leaves. 

Single-use menus will be available for guests as well as on our website through a QR code where guests can see all menu options to order through their server. 

Contactless Payment is made possible via a QR code that is visible on the printed guest check that is provided at the end of the meal. 

Tables are either spaced in accordance with recommended social distancing guidelines of 6' between tables or separated by 5' tall x 6' long dividers. 

A pedestrian traffic flow pattern has been created to dictate safe travel within the restaurant. 

Disinfecting stations are located at guest entrances and restroom exteriors with clear signage on proper sanitizing procedures.

Additional Measures for Indoor Dining: Updating the Restaurant's ventilation system to include MERVE 13 Air Filters, installing HEPA medical grade LED Air Purifiers in the dining room, and placing plexiglass screens between every table.

We kindly ask the following of all guests:

Anyone experiencing or showing symptoms of Covid-19 to please stay at home.

Please comply with social distancing requirements. All guests are asked to respect distancing protocols and the space allocated for other guests and our employees. 

Wear face masks whenever not seated at the table, i.e. traveling to and from the restrooms.

Keep face masks on when having lengthy exchanges with our staff.

Guests will be encouraged to use a contactless payment system.

You can find the full Portale Restaurant Safety & Compliance Manual below.

Portale Restaurant Safety & Compliance Manual
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SAFE EATS is a restaurant association established by leading restaurants and health & safety experts to deploy best-in-class safety standards and provide tools for restaurants to communicate these practices to guests, increasing confidence in dining-out.

Portale is proud to be a SAFE EATS certified restaurant, and has taken a pledge to implement health & safety protocols to make your dining experience safer and enjoyable for everyone.

Learn more about the SAFE EATS program below.

SAFE EATS Operations Guide