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Portale Restaurant offers Outdoor Patio Dining!

Guests are required to wear a face mask upon arrival. We kindly ask that masks are only removed once you have been seated. Additionally, masks must be worn whenever not at the table, i.e. when traveling to and from the restrooms. 

Due to limited outdoor seating, we are spacing time slots for reservations to accommodate all guests. We ask that you honor your designated time so we have the opportunity to safely reset the area for the next reservation. 


Please be aware that Portale’s Patio seating is subject to the elements. While closure due to severe weather is rare, it may happen on occasion that we might have to cancel your reservation with short notice, i.e. day of. 

When light rain/passing showers are on the forecast for the day, we will make all reasonable attempts to remain open however, dangerous weather, including thunderstorms, lightning, downpours, snow, extreme cold and high winds may cause our Patio to close.

We will make every reasonable accommodation to reschedule your reservation but please note that due to the nature of our current seating capacity restrictions, your desired date and time might not be available.  Additionally, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to transfer you to a table inside of the restaurant if the patio is closed.  

Please rest assured that our mission will always be to provide a safe and pleasurable experience for all our guests, and we look forward to making your visit truly special.